A set of products enabling a comprehensive cleaning of all soiled surfaces ( all types of floors, tiles, walls, wallpaper, windows, mirrors etc.), kitchen and bathroom equipment ( sink, washbasin, bathtub, fittings, household appliances), the following equipment: TV and computer, various household and office equipments. Contrary to traditional methods of cleaning which use detergents, Raypath offers a NanoSilver Cleaning Technique which altogether with cleaning wipes uses only pure water. Faster, more efficient money-saving housekeeping are not the only benefits of using our cleaning set; it is vital that we do no use chemical agents. This is not only the weapon in the fight against various allergies but the generous act for the protection of eco-system as well. Components: White Mini Wipe 1 White Glove 1 Maintenance Glove 1 Pink Glove 1 White Glove NOVA 1 Sunbeam Cloth Blue 1 Sunbeam Cloth XL S 1 Silver Water 50 ml 1 Natural Soap 100g 1