floor cleaning system


Advantages of the floor cleaning system: The cloths do not leave streaks on the surface to be cleaned. Only water is used – it is enough to wet the floor cloth under the tap. An additional bucket of water is not required. Suitable for washing baseboards. The cloths are antibacterial, integrated with silver – the washable surface is antibacterial. Telescopic handle made of duralumin – maximum height 1.65 m. The sole is light and durable, conveniently placed on one of the floor system cloths. It is manoeuvrable and also ensures even pressure on the surface to be cleaned. Floor system soles: The cream floor of the floor system is designed for cleaning: Natural wood floor Oiled parquet Non-gloss laminate Tiles The pink floor of the floor system is designed for dry dusting. Suitable for use: For cleaning floors, ceilings, walls Especially suitable for people with animals or allergies to dust. When cleaning dust with a pink floor cloth, an antistatic charge is created on the surface to be cleaned – a layer of dust does not accumulate as quickly. The floor cloth attracts dust and hair and prevents them from floating in the air. The sole of the Nova floor system is designed for wet cleaning. It is recommended to clean: Varnished parquet Glossy laminate Carpet Tiles The universal floor system sole is designed for cleaning heavily soiled surfaces that are not afraid of water. Recommended cleaning: • Tiles • Vinyl • Marble • Terrace boards • Concrete

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floor cleaning system

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