Express for the Windows


Window cleaning system EXPRESS. The window cleaning head consists of a soft universal sole and laser-cut rubber. You wipe off the dirt with the sole and cut off the water with the rubber. Up to 5 medium-sized windows can be cleaned once wet with water. Does not leave streaks. For best results, we recommend using SUNBEAM fabric together. During cleaning, dry the rubber and the edges of the glass with a cloth. There are two sizes of cleaning systems available. Aluminium Telescopic Pole 1,65m IMPORTANT! For the care of the cloths, the manufacturer recommends the use of brown soap with nanosilver, which washes away dirt and grease from the bristles. It also disinfects due to the silver particles, does not accumulate bacteria in the glove, and has a bad smell. When washing with household soap – nanosilver will wash out of the cloths and they will not perform the disinfection function, depending on the time and efficiency of use of the cloth. Maintenance: It is recommended to use brown soap with nanosilver or machine wash up to 60 °, up to 600 rpm without the use of fabric softeners. Do not leave dirty to dry. Do not dry on hot surfaces.

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Express for the Windows

Express for the Windows 25cm, Express for the Windows 25cm+Aluminium Telescopic Pole, Express for the Windows 40сm, xpress for the Windows 40сm+Aluminium Telescopic Pole