Body Glove


Body Glove – a glove for all-round cleansing and bodily care Body Glove – is a very soft and delicate glove for all-round cleansing and bodily care, made of high quality micro-fibres. Perfect for both regular bodily care and occasional use, especially when travelling, or at work.



Advanced manufacturing technology of Body Glove fibres ensures that daily use of the glove effectively removes any dirt, grease and dead skin cells, optimally preparing it for a subsequent application of a skin care cream. A gentle massage causes the skin pores to expand and the sweat glands to open, ensuring effective skin oxygenation. At the same time, blood circulation gets significantly enhanced which in turn makes the skin supple, thus allowing it to maintain a naturally healthy and radiant look. The glove is hypoallergenic, non-irritable, and its everyday use gives an overall sense of comfort and freshness. Perfect for children’s skin, as well as for all those who are extra keen on health issues and personal hygiene, whereas their skin happens to be hypersensitive to soap and assorted bodily cleansers. Application and care: Use a wet glove to gently cleanse the body with circular movements. Then dry the skin off and apply the cream. Recommended for everyday use. After use, rinse the glove in water with natural Nanosilver soap added. The glove may also be washed in an automatic washing machine at 60° C, with no water softeners added.