Animals Set


ANIMAL SET This set was made for pet owners. It is perfect to take care of hygiene and to keep clean our pets You can use this products on dry or wet fur and during bathing. In wet option you need only water without using additional cleaning agents. If you regularly use our kit, it will give our pet a fresh fragrance and help maintain healthy skin and fur. The high quality materials of our products are very durable. Set is comfortable in using. Our pets will be happy and we can save a lot of time. Useful in home, after walk and in travel.



WHITE GLOVE Using for bathing or to wet wiping. It is reliable in cleaning big or hard to wash dirt and also take care of pleasant and gentle head, back and paw massage. WHITE GLOVE NOVA It perfectly absorbs water from a wet animal and collects dirt. Thanks to the delicate, soft hair structure, it easily cleans sensitive and hard to reach places. It works great in hot weather: a glove dipped in cold water and applied to the back and paw will bring your pet immediate relief. MAINTENANCE GLOVE Glove is for using wet but without a lot of water, especially in smallest dirt when pet does not need bathing. It works great to daily refresh coat, paw and fur. PINK GLOVE For dry use. It has anti-electrostatic properties, it is extremely helpful, especially in winter in dry, heated rooms when animals accumulate electric charges on them – to remove them immediately, you need to drag the glove over the back. The glove is also irreplaceable in effective removal of dust and moulting hair – for this purpose, pull the glove several times along the animal’s hair. Regularly polishing the skin or fur with a pink glove will make your pet happy and them skin and fur will be extremely smooth and shiny. SUNBEAM The towel is made of the best microfibre fibers with a weight of 200gsm making it extremely absorbent and lightweight at the same time which makes it extremely effective. It easily extracts moisture and dirt from the animal’s coat or paws and also speeds up the drying of the fur after a bath – it also perfectly dries smooth skin and paws. Wet on hot days it can be used as a cooling mat in the beds of our pets. Wash by hand using grey soap or in washing machine at a temperature up to 60ºC without fabric softeners. After washing hang out for drying.