About us


Chemicals free home!

Raypath company which produces and distributes environment-friendly cleaning products, which do not require the use of chemical agents. The cleaners are made of specially selected fibers or microfibers and you can clean every surface with them regardless of the type of dirt, using only water and excluding detergents.

Raypath NanoSilver Technology microfiber cloths! Forget about household chemicals! Stop irritating your respiratory tract and skin and clean surfaces only with a cloth dipped in water.

NanoSilver napkins make your house clean alongside with an antibacterial effect on cleaning surfaces.

Microfiber sponges for face and body do not burden your skin with unnecessary or even harmful chemicals. Sponges and water is all you need to treat your skin.

Nanotechnology is the new scientific approach which is related to the understanding and improving characteristics of matter in the nano scale. In that scale matter shows completely different, often surprising qualities.

Bacteriostatic – inhibiting growth and biokilling of microorganisms. The human organism is constantly attacked by various bacteria, viruses, fungi. All these harmful actions can be successfully compensated with the presence of silver nanoparticles which greatly enhance the shielding effectiveness of the immunological barrier of the human body.

The product line called the New Cleaning Technology is distributed through the network marketing method called the Multi Level Marketing. Thanks to this idea a couple thousand of households and hundreds of companies have benefited from our offer and many people have found an additional source of income transforming it in the course of time into their only source of profit.

*Before the first use wash napkins at least three times in a washing machine at a short cycle (max 60оС or 600 rot/min). Pink napkins only once. Washing removes bounding of microfibres and your napkin is ready for use.